Air Conditioning Repair San Diego

Air Conditioning Repair San Diego

An air conditioning, though it isn’t something that every household needs, is something that most everyone has. This wonderful appliance keeps our home nice and comfortable when the weather outside turns hot and humid. There is nothing better than being outside working all day and then coming home to relax in the nice, cool air brought to you by your air conditioner. That said there are few things more annoying than coming and discovering that your air conditioner isn’t working. This can become a huge problem because few people know much about air conditioning repair and normally have to wait a few days to get it fixed. Here we will learn a few basic problems that you could check on your air conditioner next time it starts acting in an undesirable manner.

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The first problem and probably the largest is if the air conditioner won’t do anything at all.

This type of air conditioner repair will probably need to be left to an expert, but there are some things that you can do. First check the settings on the air conditioner. Make sure that everything it turned on and to cool. If everything is set correctly, check the controls themselves and see if you can get the air conditioner to do anything at all. Sometimes the controls will be shot and nothing will happen when you change anything. This will probably require a new control panel. And of course you will want to check the power. Make sure that all of the cords and wires running into the air conditioner are in good, working condition with no breaks or frayed parts.

If your air conditioner is working, but it isn’t blowing as much air, or as cool of air as you would like there is more that you can do.

Your first step is going to check the blower. Often times the blower can get really dirty and block air flow into the ducts and thus prevent very little air into your home. Simply cleaning both the blower out and the ducts will increase the air flow. If you are still having problems, you should replace you filters. These filters can get very dirty and air will not be able to get through them as well when they are full of dirt. While you are working with the ducts make sure they are all in good condition and not crimped or broken anywhere. Your final options for air conditioning repair are your cooling coil or a refrigerant leak. The cooling coil can freeze over restricting air flow. If this happens you will have to shut it down and let it defrost. If there is leak, you need a patch or a professional.

No matter what is wrong with your air conditioner, if you don’t feel comfortable working on it, call in a professional. It will cost a bit more, but will prevent you from doing any further damage.