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September 18, 2017


Appliance Replacement Parts for Service ProfessionalsAppliance Replacement Parts

10 years ago most appliance repair people knew what could go wrong with your appliance from a single conversation over the phone. Most calls were about broken parts like an oven igniter, a thermostat, or a door switch. Perhaps the worst cases were when, say, the transmission for a Whirlpool Direct Drive Washing Machine broke.

It seems that not much went wrong in the recent past because manufacturers built their appliances to last. A typical repairman would diagnose the problem, check his truck for parts, and if he didn’t have them, he could run and grab the items from the store, that same day.

These days things are a bit more complicated. So the repairman needs to go back to his office and order new appliance replacement parts, then wait days for them to show up in the mail. He or she needs to call the client to schedule a follow-up visit to install the new parts. There can be even more problems for the appliance company if the parts break or the wrong items were ordered in the first place. More paper work to return the part and get a new one; and no one is happy to get a call that says, “sorry, we got the wrong part, it’s going to be another week.” That’s especially true when we’re talking about a refrigerator or a stove. More labor, more time, more headache. Sounds like it could be a lot simpler for everyone.

Appliance replacement parts

The new generation of appliances are incredibly complex. Even ordinary-looking oven doors are very much high-tech now, and each company has its own particular set of components that only fit with their brand. There are a great number of control boards, sensors, LED lights, and there’s actually a refrigerator with a Wi-Fi capable screen on the door.

In short, the appliance industry is becoming more and more driven by technology, which means we need to move almost as fast as any tech company. The biggest problem is that appliance replacement parts change every 5 to 6 months. New products hit the market and each new part means that new skills must be learned. To have all the parts in each repairman’s truck would be impossible. We would need to drive an 18-wheeler around San Diego! The problem is having a good stock of parts for the technology change that will inevitably happen next month.

It can be tough sell to ask for a deposit to our appliance company, but the bottom line is that we can help with being more efficient and accurate – Most customers do not understand the serious process behind getting appliance replacement parts. They can’t be returned, but we can keep them in stock for months, just in case.

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